ESG & Sustainability

Bring ESG performance into your organization to achieve higher investment returns and brand reputation, fewer environmental incidents, and better resiliency.

Sustainable Financial Solutions

Our cutting-edge platform empowers individuals, businesses, and a greener future through sustainable financial solutions and data-driven insights.

Carbon Accounting

Gain access to expertise and tools powered by real-world emissions data to make informed decisions toward achieving net zero and ESG excellence.

DeFi Aggregator Trading

Consolidating trading information from different Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocols into one platform.

Our Mission

  • Sustainability Focus: We’re passionate about creating a greener future. Our products integrate ESG principles, helping organizations align with global sustainability goals.
  • Financial Inclusion: We believe everyone should have access to financial services. Our solutions bridge gaps and empower diverse communities.
  • First Principled Innovation: From carbon insights to digital payment solutions, we stay ahead of the curve, driving positive change through new age technology.
Join us on our journey toward a sustainable and financially inclusive world!

Products & Services

Our solutions not only aid companies in achieving sustainability goals but also optimize financial services and payment systems. Our scalable platform and personalized configurations ensure compliance, reporting, and performance enhancement.

ESG Tracking & Reporting (GRI Standards)

ESG Tracking and Assessing Sustainable Performances

Carbon Accounting & Offset Calculations

Comprehensive Evaluation of Carbon Footprints, green-house gas tracking and reporting

Digital QR Code based Payments Platform

Dynamic QR Code system, Merchant Management, Settlements, Reconciliaton

Defi Aggregator Trading Platform

Consolidating trading information from different decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols into one place


Our e-marketplace connects buyers and sellers, fostering sustainable commerce with eco friendly products

Digital Wallets & Core Banking platform

Wallet Ledger maintenance, P2P Money transfer, QR Payments integration, Loyalty points

B2B Loan Management System

Empowering Small Businesses and Communities Through Streamlined Lending!

Predictive Analysis & Loyalty System

Near real time customer behaviour analysis, AI based algorithm and predictive cross sell.

Industry Experts

As industry experts, we meticulously analyze multiple facets, including the environmental impact, social responsibility, and corporate governance, to offer you a thorough and comprehensive evaluation.

Our community information hub empowers individuals to freely offer valuable advice, fostering an environment of collaborative knowledge sharing. But that's not all – we also offer a premium subscription service, granting exclusive access to high-level content.

Technology Solutions

ESG Tech Hub is a powerful platform that is

Our platform enables organizations to harness the power of blockchain technology while maintaining control over their data and maintaining privacy within their network.

By adopting a permissioned approach, we ensure that only trusted participants have access to the network, enhancing security and reducing the risk of unauthorized activities.

Our ESG Techhub Backend Framework has been meticulously crafted through two decades of in-house research and development, ensuring robustness, innovation, and excellence.

  • Prioritizes sustainability, employing minimum hardware/cloud footprints for memory and computing.
  • Ensure that data centers hosting the software run on renewable energy sources to further reduce environmental impact.
  • Designed for real time processing in financial systems.
  • Uses private and permissioned Blockchain for ledger management.
  • Ensures seamless integration with backend and frontend.
  • Ensures performance and scalability for real time systems.
  • Ensures systems security in compliance with PCI DSS standards.

Carbon Trading

Our carbon trading platform (coming soon) serves as a dynamic marketplace, connecting businesses, organizations, and individuals who are committed to reducing their carbon footprint.

We believe that carbon trading is a crucial tool in the fight against climate change. By creating a system where carbon emissions can be bought and sold, we incentivize companies to implement cleaner practices and invest in carbon offset projects. This approach allows businesses to take responsibility for their emissions while driving innovation and fostering sustainable development.

Through our platform, we provide a transparent and secure environment for participants to engage in carbon trading. We facilitate the accurate measurement, reporting, and verification of emissions, ensuring the integrity of the carbon credits being traded. Our team of experts works diligently to ensure compliance with international standards and guidelines, guaranteeing the credibility and effectiveness of the carbon trading process.

Ed-Tech Platform

Our mission is to eliminate the technological and financial barriers many may face accessing quality education and training services. We enable educators, learners, experts and entrepreneurs to connect and grow by creating innovative and affordable online resources they can utilise to either consume, share, sell or donate. We also incentivise people for positive actions with our range of innovative rewards programmes.

ESG Tech Hub has developed an all-in-one Ed-Tech platform that offers a wide range of essential services users can integrate individually or use to replace multiple subscriptions into a simple and more affordable solution. Some of our current key services provided are below:

  • Online Courses: ESG Tech Hub allows you to create, market, and sell online courses. Whether you’re teaching sustainability, finance, science or any other topic, you can turn your knowledge into income using our platform.
  • Webinars and Online Classes:Allowing educators and learners to interact in real time, record lessons, transcribe lessons, hold Q&A sessions, smaller group discussions and users to present back to the class.
  • Memberships:Build branded and engaging subscription memberships that can offer free or paid services to earn you recurring revenue.
  • Learn & Earn Rewards:An optional personal development programme that tracks learners personal progress and rewards them regularly with digital prizes, certificates and recognition for their personal development distance travelled.
  • Serve & Deserve Rewards: An ongoing mentoring programme designed to encourage people to volunteer, serve and teach others in areas they have developed skills in or have expertise to positively impact others lives. The more value people contribute, the more they can benefit personally with digital, educational and financial rewards for their contributions.
  • Community:Creating an exclusive and safe space for your audience to connect inside your own private platform.

About Us

We belive in a sustainable future

ESG Tech Hub is a forward-thinking company at the intersection of environmental sustainability and financial technology. Our mission is to drive positive change by providing innovative solutions that empower businesses and individuals to make environmentally conscious decisions while enhancing their financial well-being.

  • Sustainable fintech solutions: efficient, secured, green.
  • Advanced analytics for effective ESG measurement and management.
  • Comprehensive risk assessment to track and report ESG risks.
  • Collaborative platforms for stakeholder engagement and transparency.

Meet Our Board of Directors

Arnab Sengupta
Arnab Sengupta
Chief Executive Officer

A seasoned Business and Technology Leader with 26 years of experience, brings extensive expertise in International Banking, Payments, and Blockchain Solutions.His distinguished career includes leadership roles at Tier-1 Banks and global financial technology firms across multiple countries.

Amy Ryan
Amy Ryan
Chief Sustainability Officer

An ESG and circular economy expert with over 20 years experience in environmental risk, social causes, and regulatory governance. A sought after speaker, educator and advisor to leaders within industry, governments,private companies, SME's and community focused organisations.

Benjamin K. Kelong
Benjamin K. Kelong
Head of Technology

An experienced Software and Blockchain Engineer, leading a dynamic team at ESG Tech Hub focused on crafting pioneering payment solutions prioritizing sustainability and social impact. With expertise in digital payments, Blockchain, and payment gateways, he reshapes Fintech and ESG landscapes.

Simon Wilcox
Simon Wilcox
Non Executive Director

An established leader, capital raiser and innovation investor with over 30 years of experience building successful companies, increasing profits, completing M&A and investment transactions. A highly skilled trainer, mentor and business coach who has delivered in person educational programmes to over 500,000 people and thousands of organisations.

Joaquin Diazsolano
Joaquin Diazsolano
Non Executive Director

A prolific inventor, entrepreneur and educator with over 40 years experience developing renewables, energy and environmental solutions. Expertise includes business development, project design, manufacturing of boilers, burners, bioreactors and sustainable products.

Ricardo M. Flürscheim
Ricardo M. Flürscheim
Non Executive Director

An electromechanical engineer with 40+ years in manufacturing and erecting industrial equipment. Built over 1 million m3 of industrial freezers, designed and manufactured hyperbaric chambers, and installed over 100,000 MT of metallic structures for industrial projects.

Eliska Wilcox
Eliska Wilcox
Non Executive Director

An inspirational and proven leader with over 20 years experience implementing strategies and systems that improve companies branding, marketing and sales results. Extensive experience working in multiple C-Suite environments, fulfilling a range of diverse and demanding roles within large multinationals, voluntary organisations and SMEs.


Our pricing model is highly adaptable to meet your specific requirements. Our team offers personalized pricing for our services, tailored to the unique needs of each client.

ESG Solutions

  • Hosted solution: Pricing based on monthly/yearly subscription fees with complementary free account.
  • Personalised solution: Licensed model with implementation and technical support.

Fintech Solutions

  • Product based Pricing: Licensed model for each products with implementation and technical support.
  • Multi-module products: Product bundling with rationalised license, implementation and support.

Defi Trading

  • Hosted solution: Pricing based on monthly/yearly subscription fees
  • Personalised solution: Licensed model with implementation and technical support.

Request a

The ESG Tech Hub platform enables businesses to decarbonize their operations and value chains, comply and report on ESG regulations, and offers the flexibility to select plug-and-play modules according to sustainability priorities, all while providing innovative financial solutions

Set up an appointment with our sustainability associates at ESG Tech Hub to determine your exact needs. We are looking forward to meeting you.